About Us

Who Are We???

And What Can We Do To Help Your Business Grow

V2 Flow Controls, LLC was founded in 2013.
Our mission was simple !!!
To offer a high precision product line to our customers and to give excellent customer service to the masses.

Why Sponsler?

As a distributor of Sponsler, we worked very closely with them to get their feedback on what their customers were looking for, what they expected and how they were able to deliver. With the information we gathered, we concluded that what was needed was a distributor that knows the product line and offers what no other distributor has done before; a complete online solution.

Sponsler is a global leader in flow measurement devices and customers throughout the world should have the opportunity to experience the accuracy and precision of their metering capabilities. We saw a need to present our customers the following: The ability to offer customers a place where they could choose their application, choose the meter they need based on specific criteria and capabilities of that meter and purchase that meter online.
The ability to configure a meter from scratch, save and/or print a specific spec sheet for that meter and have the ability to purchase at any time. We see these as invaluable tools to our customers.