Bearings are a crucial component of any turbine meter. They must be compatible to the medium that the turbine meter will be measuring and they need to handle the load of the medium. In addition, proper maintenance of the bearings must be taken to ensure the life of your Sponsler Turbine Meter.

Sponsler offers 2 main bearing types: Ball and Sleeve Bearings. Under those two categories, there are several bearings to choose from. Again, your application will dictate what bearings you need for your meter. You can find suggested bearings in our Applications Page

Ball Bearings CB = Cryogenic Ball Bearing
CR = Ceramic Ball Bearing
MB = Metal Ball Bearing
Sleeve Bearings CS = Tungsten Carbide Sleeve Bearing
GS = Graphitar Sleeve Bearing
FS = Fluorosint Sleeve Bearings
PS = Peek Sleeve Bearings
TS = Teflon Sleeve Bearings
Rotors PHL = 17-4PH Stainless Steel Rotor (LIQUIDS)
PH7 = 17-4PH Stainless Steel Rotor with 7⁰ blade angle (GAS)
PH15 = 17-4PH Stainless Steel Rotor with 15⁰ blade angle (GAS)
430L = 430L Stainless Steel Rotor (LIQUID OR GAS)
NL = 304 stainless steel hub with nickel blades (CRYOGENIC LIQUIDS)
NIL = All nickel hub and blades (LIQUIDS)
DSL = Duplex Stainless Steel Rotor (LIQUIDS)
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