Field Services


- To Utilize Traceable Precision Custody Transfer Systems.
-Field Services are for Deployment, Extended Life, and Performance of Custody Transfer Systems.
-Provider of NIST Traceable Third-Party Certification Services.


If you are off calibration on the positive side, you are shorting the customer product. This puts your company at risk in terms of refunds and customer confidence. Customers are very difficult to cultivate and difficult to keep, especially in the commodities market. If you lose a major customer due to lack of properly calibrated and certified delivery systems, this is extremely difficult to overcome. Dealing with credits owed can be extremely tiresome.
If you deliver more gas than you are being paid for, it is unlikely you will discover this from the customer. You are giving product away for free every time the truck goes out.
Understanding that calibration and certification are needed, customers will many times look internally for these resources. However, this is our business. We know this business far better than anybody else.
All our equipment is kept upgraded, calibrated, and meets all US NIST HANDBOOK 44 certification standards for the purpose. As a result of our services, you as the user will be able to furnish credible evidence of third-part certification of equipment reliability, not just internal certification records which might be viewed as less than viable. We can do this with far less expense to your company than you can. Your burdened costs are much higher than the contract price for the same effort, and we will deliver a superior product.

Our Deliverables Include:
Calibration and Certification of all your delivery equipment as described, using qualified personnel, appropriate and accurate equipment, and services rendered at the convenience of the customer.
Full documentation of all rendered services and equipment, including trip reports, certification tags, and full accounting of parts and expenses.
Responsive service and equipment is guaranteed.
The end result of all this is that we will enable you to employ a consistent metrology throughout your delivery fleet.
Our trip reports are very detailed, showing all aspects of services rendered. We practice a policy of transfer of knowledge to the user. We are pleased to work with your onsite personnel at normal rates to make certain they understand what we are doing and what they can routinely do to better operate and maintain your vital custody transfer equipment. We will work on both our equipment and that of competitors, maintaining systems as long as possible to ensure maximum return on investment for you as our valued customer.