Wafer Series

Wafer Series

Sponsler's Wafer Series turbine flowmeters offer an inexspensive, quick installation alternative to flanged turbine meters.

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Wafer Series Overview

Sponsler's wafer flowmeters fit easily between two existing flanges while retaining the same accuracies and flowrates of a flanged turbine flowmeter. Alignment rings are available to align the meter body with flange faces. Water flowmeters available in eight overlapping ranges, covering flowrates between 1.5 and 1,250 US GPM. Sponsler Wafer flowmeters interface seamlessly with the full range of Sponsler electronic delivery systems, registers, and flow computers.

Sizes 1/2" thru 4"
Manufactured in the USA
Material Available in 304 or 316 Stainless Steel
End Fittings Only Available in Wafer End Fitting

Accuracy: Capable of +/- 0.5% over a 10:1 range for liquids and +/- 1.0% over a 10:1 range for gases. Premium linearity of up to +/- 0.25% may be attained on certain applications. Contact us for more information. Repeatability: Sponsler meter performance capable of 0.1% of reading over entire range for liquids and 0.25% Range for gases.

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